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The BeastMaster 12000 MD (Monster Drive) is Shimano’s largest, most powerful electric reel with a motor that is twice the size of the highly regarded Beastmaster 9000. Using an advanced oversized brushless Motor, which generates massive torque and speed, this is a reel for anglers hunting the largest fish, in the deepest waters around the world.
The Beastmaster 12000 MD is a reel for the ultra-deepwater specialist. Incredibly advanced and fitted with Shimano’s most powerful motor that generates 2.5 times more torque than the 9000 size, this powerhouse reel is unexpectedly simple to use and delivers remarkable winching power and speed. If you want to explore depths that are simply not practical using a conventional multiplier, they don’t come larger, better or more advanced than the Beastmaster 12000 MD.
At the heart of the ‘Monster Drive’ is the largest advanced brushless motor produced by Shimano. Generating a massive amount of torque and an incredibly high-speed retrieve, it has a winding strength (motor power) of up to 38kg and a top speed of 170m per minute. Of course this power needs to be harnessed effectively to deliver maximum efficiency and the ultra-strong Hagane Body guarantees fail-safe performance, even at the most extreme ranges of force and pressure. The BeastMaster 12000 MD also boasts an amazing 43kg of thermo-adjustable drag power with a 50% reduction of residual drag heat by using exclusive Thermo Adjust Drag technology enabling deep-water species like grouper, swordfish and large squid to be dominated like never before. The fine dot LCD screen is easy to read, even in strong sunlight and the Exciting Drag Sound feature adjusts to the strain of the drag, letting you know just how hard it’s working. For manual winding the Beastmaster 12000 MD is fitted with a single aluminium handle with an ergonomic power knob.  Leia mais


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